Bringing vs. buying alcohol at the Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl Alcohol Prices

Unless you are attending a lease event bringing vs. buying alcohol at the Hollywood Bowl is a no brainer. All LA Phil produced events allow you to bring in your own alcohol.  And you should. Beer, wine, twisted tea and even water while a larger serving (22 ounce) is still priced way way above what you can purchase at the store. When I attend a concert I make sure I have plenty of drinks including water.  If we are having dinner my go to cooler is the AO Coolers Carbon Soft Cooler with High-Density Insulation. It has good capacity, holds the cold for days and looks great. If I am not having dinner then I bring the AO Coolers Backpack Soft Cooler with High-Density Insulation. Same great insulation and can be tossed over the shoulder.

One last note on lease events. They are not produced by the LA Phil and have special house rules.

  • No alcohol and controlled substances. You can purchase alcohol once you’re inside.
  • No glass (including drinking glasses) or aluminum cans, regardless of content.
  • Factory-sealed plastic bottles with non-alcoholic beverages are allowed as long as they’re one liter or less.
  • Reusable liquid containers (such as Nalgene bottles) are permitted – as long as they’re empty. There are 3 water stations throughout the Hollywood Bowl.

Author: HBTips