Getting There

There are many reasons to get to the Bowl as soon as possible.  Less traffic.  Better picnic areas available.  My favorite however is just setting up dinner and watching the sun set.  You will find that sipping wine as the Bowl fills is worth the wait.

Gate Open Times

  • 6:00pm for 8:00 concerts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
  • 6:00pm for 8:30 concerts on Friday and Saturday
  • 4:30pm for 7:00 concerts on Sunday
  • 5:00pm for 7:30 concerts on Sunday

Parking at the Bowl is very limited.  Most of what is available is stacked.  This makes leaving after the concert very difficult.  Take advantage of the the Park & Ride and Bowl Shuttle service.  More than a third of the concert goers use the transportation system.

Hollywood Bowl Parking Map
Hollywood Bowl Parking Map