Box Seats

Every seat at the Hollywood Bowl brings its own unique experience.  That being said a garden or terrace box affords you your own private space to enjoy dinner, drinks and the performance.  Box seats are canvas collapsible chairs in groups of 4 or 6 (even a few 3 and 5) surrounded by wooden partitions.

Most people choose to set up two tables, one on each end.  This makes eating a full dinner much easier.  Setting these folding tables up (and making sure they are level) can be tricky.  Fortunately Bowl volunteers are quick to help.  They never ask for a tip but you just feeling good about giving them one.

Hollywood Bowl 4 person box dimensionsPhoto of Hollywood Bowl 4 person box

An alternate table set-up in a 4 person box is to set up a single table in the middle.  This configuration is used more for snacking than dinner.  be sure to ask for a center table as they are not usually in the box.

A 6 person box combines two end tables with a center table.  I have also seen people place the two end tables together on the back of the box like a buffet table.


Hollywood Bowl 6 person box dimensions

When picking a box for a show try and not get one on a main isle.  While the ushers do a great job keeping folks in order it can be very noisy during the performance.

Photo of 6 person Hollywood Bowl box

Make your table spread the talk of your section.  Cover the tables with table cloths.  Us the table dimensions with a 3”-4” overhang.  As a bonus each box also has a built-in wine bottle holder (the 6 person box has two!).

Hollywood Bowl box table with foodHollywood Bowl box wine holder



New for the 2017 season are single post tables for 6-person boxes.  A lot studier than the old method of balancing the table with bricks.  Smart move by the Hollywood Bowl.

* Boxes can be difficult to get especially for Friday and Saturday shows.  Plan early!