Hollywood Bowl Parking Map

Hollywood Bowl Parking Map

The Hollywood Bowl Parking map has been released.  Many changes have been made including where buses and ride share drop off/pick up are located. The new parking hubs hope to streamline ride share, bus and shuttle traffic. Lot B is now the main area for Park & Ride as well as Shuttle buses. Ride share (Uber, Lyft) drop off and pick up which was in Lot B will now be moved across the street in Lot C (Odin Street).

The goal is to reduce the congestion before and after a concert. L.A. Phil’s Interim CEO Daniel Song commented:

“People don’t like getting to the Bowl, but everyone loves the Bowl,” he explained. “So if there’s a barrier (for) someone to be able to come to the Bowl, we’re going to try to fix that and we’re going to try to mitigate that as best as we can.”

Anyone who has tried to Uber out after a concert knows it is a disaster.  Let’s hope the thought put into the new transportation hubs pays off.  The first test will be the Jimmy Buffett Tribute on April 11th.

Visit the Hollywood Bowl Getting Here page for all the details.


Author: HBTips