Visiting the Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Bowl Hollywood Sign

Visiting the Hollywood Bowl when there are no performances scheduled is a must.  The Hollywood Bowl theater is usually open daily 8AM until sunset.  I say usually because the theater may be closed for rehearsals or for security reasons for some of the lease events.  Many people, either by a tour group or by themselves, stop by the Hollywood Bowl to mark the Los Angeles landmark off their bucket list.  Most run in, go to the shell and snap a few selfies.  Let me suggest walking to the top of the Hollywood Bowl for the view.  It is 168 steps to section W2 (top most section) but if you are able the view is well worth the climb.  If 168 steps is a bit much then at least go to section M1 to get a view of the Hollywood Sign behind the Hollywood Bowl shell.  It is a great “Kodak Moment“.


Author: HBTips