The Hollywood Bowl 6-person box

Depending on the configuration of the Pool Circle there can be up to 105 six-person boxes (here is a Hollywood Bowl 6-person box list) at the Hollywood Bowl.  Every year for a few performances (like the July 4th Spectacular) six of us gather in one of these oversized boxes.  In the past it has been a bit of a challenge to dine because in addition to the two side tables normally found in the 4-person box, a third table was added in the center.  This third table always had to balance the step down inside the box usually with the help of a few bricks.  The table was too low for one person and too high for the other.

With the updated seating came an upgrade for the extra table.  A hidden flange has been added to the concrete floor of the 6-person box.  The table is now more stable and easier to eat at for the two folks in the middle.  Well done Hollywood Bowl!

Hollywood Bowl 6-person box table


Author: HBTips