Don’t forget to tip the staff

Please Tip

When I first started attending the Hollywood Bowl I would try and set up the box tables on my own.  After all how hard could it be.  Well if not done correctly your meal can slope downward not to mention they can unfold at the worst possible moment.  Now I let the Bowl staff set the box up.  They are eager to help.

As soon as we get near our box one of the staff run over and offers to set it up.  They not only make sure the table are level but they set the chairs up for dinner and leave us a trash bag.  I think it needs to be mentioned that because the Bowl slopes downward the tables, when level, look like your food and drink will slide off the table onto your lap.  But it is indeed just an illusion.  The staff makes sure the tables are locked and level using everything from the iPhone level app to chap stick to lipstick.

They do a fantastic job and make it a great start to a perfect evening.  So if you are so incline please reward them by tipping.  I tip $5 … a personal choice.


Author: HBTips